Lumbar Disc Replacement Instead of Lumbar Fusion · Motion is maintained and the patient will not feel a restriction in the range of motion. · Theoretically. Disc replacement surgery involves taking out an old damaged disc and replacing it with an artificial disc. The goal is to replicate the form and function of the. Lumbar disc replacement is a fantastic operation because it cures the condition by removing the disc and replacing it with a new one. Haque is also one of the few spine surgeons in Orlando, Florida to provide lumbar artificial disc replacement using the Prodisc-L artificial disc. Dr. Haque. When you go home. Exercises commence gently on the first post-operative day. You will be taught flexion exercises as extension (of the spine) is to be avoided.

Why Do I Need This Procedure? You may need this procedure if conservative treatment measures have failed to relieve your chronic low back pain and limited range. Recovery After Lumbar Disc Replacement Surgery. While everyone is different, patients are typically up and walking shortly after their lumbar disc replacement. Lumbar artificial disc replacement is a surgical method of replacing the diseased or damaged intervertebral discs of the spinal column with an artificial disc. Artificial disc replacement is primarily considered for patients with isolated 1-level (one disc only) degenerative disc disease. Prior to the development of. This surgical procedure replaces a damaged or diseased disc in the lumbar spine with an artificial disc that restores the natural alignment of the spine. Unlike. Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement · If You Have Decided To Have Surgery: Call Dr. · Surgical Procedure: Your anesthesiologist will bring you to the operating. Total disc replacement is a surgical procedure in which the diseased or damaged intervertebral discs of the spinal column are replaced with an artificial disc. Unlike spinal fusion surgery, which has a success rate of 70 to 90%, artificial disc replacement surgery for the cervical or lumbar spine has over 90%, making. What happens during a lumbar disk replacement? You will have an IV (intravenous) line put into a vein in your hand or arm through which an anesthetic is given.

For more information about a lumbar artificial disc replacement or other spinal surgery options to treat back pain, contact Dr. David S. Raskas at Lumbar total disc replacement is generally reserved for patients who have degenerative disc disease, a herniated or recurrent herniated disc, or a bulging disc. The information in this article contains billing, coding or other guidelines that complement the Local Coverage Determination (LCD) for Lumbar Artificial Disc. This surgery treats a bad vertebral disc in your lower back. It replaces the bad disc with an artificial one. The new disc will let your spine bend and. Herniated or damaged discs are replaced with artificial disc devices in either the cervical or lumbar spine. Artificial disc replacement was developed as an. Recent research reported that lumbar disc arthroplasty had clinical success rates of % and satisfaction rates of % at year follow-up, highlighting. Spine surgeons at Rush were among the first in Chicago to perform both lumbar and cervical disc replacement, and we currently perform more than 2, spine. Herniated or damaged discs are replaced with artificial disc devices in either the cervical or lumbar spine. Artificial disc replacement was developed as an. Learn about Lumbar total disc replacement surgery using artificial discs. Make an appointment with a MedStar Health orthopedic surgeon if you are.

Lumbar artificial disc replacement (ADR) is generally considered a safe procedure with a low risk of complications when performed by experienced and skilled. The CHARITÉ™ Artificial Disc. The CHARITÉ™ Artificial Disc can be implanted to replace diseased or damaged discs in the lumbar spine, during a surgical. We offer cutting-edge treatments and the latest technology to ensure that you receive the best possible results. To find out if you are a candidate for lumbar. Disc replacement surgery inserts artificial discs in the place of damaged discs in your vertebrae. If you have low back pain that does not respond to.

Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery using Activ-L, Performed by Dr. Scott Blumenthal

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