Free Thought Designs Fastrak, EZ Pass (Both New and Old), and I · AutoBoxClub EZ Pass Holder for Most US States - UV Protective, Easy to Install and. How can I get a FasTrak Flex toll tag? You can order a FasTrak Flex toll tag online, over the phone with a customer service representative at BAY-TOLL ( 2 Transponder arrives by mail. All vehicles traveling on the 91 Express Lanes must display a FasTrak® or FasTrak® Flex® transponder. 3 Start living life on. If you open an account using cash, check or money order, FasTrak collects an initial prepaid balance for tolls of $25 per toll tag plus a $5 security deposit. You only need one FasTrak® account. You can use your transponder on any toll road in California. The Express Lanes exchanges information with the other toll.

The passive sticker works anywhere it is a full toll lane. In any place it is a combo toll or carpool lane you need the transponder to indicate. You can also call the ARB's toll-free number, Choosing a Toll Tag. To receive discounts in Bay Area express lanes, CAVs must use a FasTrak Flex or. FasTrak® is the statewide toll collection system used to pay tolls electronically in California. With a transponder based FasTrak transponder account. How to Mount a Toll Tag Inside a Car or Other Vehicle · Choose where to mount the toll tag inside your windshield. · Clean the glass on the inside of your. What is a FasTrak Flex toll tag? Carpools, vanpools and motorcycles need a FasTrak Flex toll tag to receive discounted tolls in all Bay Area Express Lanes. Need information on the Bay Area toll system? · View Toll Locations · Clean Air Vehicles. Eligibility and choosing a toll tag. · Rental Vehicles. How to pay tolls. If you open an account using cash, check or money order, FasTrak collects an initial prepaid balance for tolls of $25 per toll tag plus a $5 security deposit. All tolling agencies use this system even though their cost and use varies. Any FasTrak transponder can be used on any California toll road or bridge. Most. It's recommended that each vehicle have a sticker transponder installed, even if you use a FasTrak Flex® switchable transponder for carpooling. Place. If you have a FasTrak Flex switchable transponder and have three or more occupants in your vehicle, you will receive a carpool discount in the 15 Express. Faqs. 91 Express Lanes Account FasTrak® Transponder Tolls and Discounts How to use the Express Lanes Violations.

Anybody with a FasTrak transponder can use it to pay tolls on any California toll facility The standard FasTrak transponder tag can be used by most vehicles. A toll tag (or transponder) is a small, battery-powered device that transmits a FasTrak also recommends an externally mounted toll tag. Call the FasTrak. This transponder will automatically charge the correct toll to your account, based on trip length and traffic in the lanes. When you carpool, remove the. The Toll Roads have begun sending new small, durable and free sticker transponders to FasTrak® accountholders. The transparent, bandage-size transponder adheres. It is required for most Bay Area express lanes. FasTrak CAV. FasTrak CAV is a special toll tag—issued only to eligible clean air vehicles (CAVs)—that qualifies. How much does it cost to use an express lane? See all "Express Lanes" FAQs. Toll Tags. Toll Tag Basics. Do I own the FasTrak toll tag. When properly mounted, your FasTrak toll tag allows you to pay tolls electronically at all FasTrak toll facilities located on all Bay Area toll bridges and. FasTrak Transponder If I have a FasTrak® transponder already, can I use the Express Lanes? Yes, you can use your FasTrak® transponder on any toll agencies. SANDAG offers drivers a convenient way to pay tolls electronically using the FasTrak transponder.

Shop for Fastrak Transponder at Save money. Live better. FasTrak Toll Tags. Drivers must have a FasTrak toll tag mounted to the vehicle's windshield to pay the lowest tolls at Bay Area bridges and express lanes. STEP 1: ORDER YOUR TRANSPONDER. Everyone using Express Lanes within Santa Clara County is required to have a FasTrak toll tag. Order your free tag from Bay Area. This holder fits the CA Metro Expresslanes Fastrak Flex transponder perfectly. Peel off the windshield portion of the Velcro strips and the transponder slides. Open FasTrak with a credit card. A prepaid balance of $25 per tag is required. Your account will auto-replenish as needed. This method waives security deposits.

72 likes, 9 comments - goocta op December 8, "Get a FasTrak transponder and be ready to use the Express Lanes! All drivers need a FasTrak® transponder to travel in the express lanes during operating hours (Monday through Friday, 5 a.m p.m.). Carpoolers with two or.

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